Ainol Novo 7 Aurora 7

This Ainol Novo 7 Aurora seems to have already been one of the most anticipated tablets of 2012 thus far, offering the impressive Android 4. 0 Ice Cream system with the extremely highly detailed display screen utilizing the IPS technology it’s no wonder this device has become the talk of all Android hungry communities.

The Ainol Novo 7 Advanced made available several good features and level of quality at a very affordable price in the market. This left the Aurora with a difficult task in keeping to these high benchmarks of its predecessor; and we have to say it has not disappointed us at GadgetFreakz one little bit, setting an very high standard for any kind of tablets that are being designed for the nearby future.

The Ainol Aurora offers many awesome new features, while continuing to have similarities such as the superb Allwinner A10 (Cortex-A8) processor and the Mali 400 GPU, there are many new features that have been delightfully added to enhance the Android experience. Beneath are some of the new modifications:

•   IPS 7” Panel at 1024 x 600 Resolution – This is one of the main key changes that has been implemented in the Ainol Aurora. This offers an remarkable quality to any image on the device, as well as allowing viewing seamlessly from any angle! This can certainly be seen in the GadgetFreakz review available on YouTube in which there is a direct side-by-side comparison of the Aurora and the Advanced. The IPS screen is solely found in the Aurora, as opposed to the Elf and Advanced II which keep the identical screens as the first Advanced.
•   1GB DDR3 RAM – A increase in the Aurora of 512MB from the Advanced, this allows for a number of tasks and programs to be run together with no decline in speed or responsiveness. As well as allowing for data to be processed swifter, guaranteeing them high spec tablet video games run better than ever!
•   A New Case Design and Colours – The case for the Ainol Aurora has also been entirely re-designed, now a clean back with curved trimming makes it a delight to be held in your hands. Furthermore the touch buttons from the Advanced have been removed, as these were easy to be accidently pushed; moving them to the outside edging. Also to this there are now also black and white versions on the market, leaving it to you the consumer to make your mind up which one is the better looking.
•   16GB Internal Storage (Optional) – The Aurora, unlike the Advanced is now readily available in a 16GB version as well as an 8GB edition. On top of that this can continue to be extended via a Micro SD card of up to a additional 32GB.

Over-all this is an outstanding new device and a credit to Ainol for the enhancements over the Advanced unit.  This tablet is more than able of managing Google android 4.0 perfectly, and in our opinion the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora is the best value for money device on the present tablet marketplace and will be for a long period to come.

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