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Like the IPAD, we all would like know how the company apple works inside to make such a fabulous  product.

Here we go!  Now I uncover the mystery of Ainol for you.

Located in Shenzhen, Ainol is established in 2004.

At first, Ainol is well-known in producing MP4/MP3 in China.

The high-quality MP4 enjoys great popularity among clients, which also make Ainol well-known brand in China.

With 7 years development, now Ainol grow to a company with more than 500 employees.

One of the advantage lie in that Ainol has it’s own factory , which is almost the biggest the tablet factory in Shenzhen.

The advantage of having own factory is that Ainol can improve the quality of the product.

With 6 production line in the factory, the day production capacity can reach 3k-5k.

Among the 6 production line, 3 production line is responsible for welding?3 production line is for assembling.

Both on the production line and assembling line, there are QC employees who strictly check the function from the Voice, Camera, and HDMI/USB Port to the appearance.

If tablet doesn’t pass the QC, the product would be taken out from production line.

Before the tablets is packed, all the tablet would pass 2-4 hours ageing.

The aging room is especially used for the ageing.

If you’d like to know more about how the company operate, I’d love to introduce for you.

In Ainol, there are mainly 8 Departments in the whole production process.

1. Designing Department: 

   First, we get to know the Designing Department, which is in charge of Outer Design of tablet.

   The elegant Design of the tablet and packing of the tablet is owing to the designer.

2. R&D Department:

    Secondly, R&D Department is responsible for the inside structure of the tablet.

    R&D Department design the position of all the build-in parts from PCB Board, battery to LCD Display.  

     They make sure that all the parts could be contained inside the tablet.

    And also make sure all the build-in parts are in the right position in the tablet.

     The super slim design is also the contribution of them.

3. Engineer Department:

    Now we come to the Engineer Department, which is very important.

    In the process of being Researched and Developed, Engineer Department work on all the materials to

    make sure  that all  parts  works well together.

    Engineers are also responsible for the software.

     They cooperate with Chipset company to work on the software 

     to make the software be compatible with the hardware of the tablet.

     Before new model be released into market, first in the Engineer Department , all the function

    ( Voice, Video, Camera, WIFI would be   test and All Apps) would be tested by engineers.

4. Purchase Department

    Purchase Department order all materials for the tablet from Outshell, TP(Touch Screen),

    LCD Display,   battery, all the electronic parts to the outside packing.

    The purchaser also works hard to push the supplier to deliver the materials in time for production.

5. PMC Department

   PMC is responsible for the arrangement of the production.

   Employees work hard to midnight for the production arrangement.

6. Material Department?

    Before the materials enter the warehouse, all materials should pass the Quality Control of Material Department.

7. Quality Control Department

    Before a new model is released into market, the model would first have a trial production for 100 pcs.

    If  problem comes up, they would first anaylize and solve the problem and after the tablet pass QC,

    then make Mass Production.

    In the Process of Mass Production, the quality should also pass the Quality Control Department.

     Quality Control Department Manager is very strict with the quality.

     The materials would be returned to supplier if it doen’st pass QC Department.

8. Custom Service Department

   Custom Service Department deal with after-sale service.

   Employees in Custom Service Department is very responsible.

    Almost all the employees in Ainol work very hard.

    The hard work of all employees assures that the new model of Ainol would go on to enjoy great popularity amond clients.

    It also brings a good reputation for  Ainol brand.

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